Working Man/Woman

The idea of creating my own exclusive cask ale for The Staffordshire Knot began as a pipeline dream and in search on ways to promote real cask ales to the drinkers of this quintessential village pub. Brewing the ‘Working Man’ to a high quality and consistent standard has had its ups and downs ‘on and off the wagon’ as to speak.

I hope you like me agree that the wait and re-direction has proved to be the making of the famous first red triangle (Bass) with now a second, the ‘Working Man’ (a trademarked name). This name, pump clip creative and spade handle that you see today at the bar was designed by myself on the back of several beer mats, using a trusty Barclay’s biro one Saturday morning whilst nursing a hangover the design was complete.

You may ask “why the ‘Working Man?'”
Very simple really and for a number of reasons:

1. The Staffordshire Knot was once a Work House – built in 1734.

2. Working Men like to drink and drink (and drink) real ale and

3. Many of us that travel by car are forever caught up in road works, often viewing the Road Sign similar to the pump clip. (Diagram 7001 – AKA Men @ Work).

I would like to thank the ‘Five Great Working Men’: Pete Connor, Kev Goodwin, Dave Beech, Phil Lowe and Graham Booth who first joined me in my real ale adventure.