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Staffordshire Knot – The story so far
On the 4th November 2013 both Emma and I were the very proud yet apprehensive owners of what was then a very unfrequented drinking ‘hole’…

Dictionary definition of ‘hole’ –
“an empty space in an object usually with an opening”

With hard work, blood, sweat and Emma’s tears we with the assistance of the team and your much welcomed support have transformed this establishment back into a great little village pub enjoyed by the people that drink and dine here. It is after all a people’s pub and it’s you ‘the people’ that make it so welcoming and friendly to others

We couldn’t have done it without you so may Emma, the team and I personally thank you all…Well Done!
“A ship is only as good as those who run and sail in it”
– (Jim Huyton, 25th July 2016- to be continued)